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Extractives & Minerals Processing


1. Construction Materials

2. Iron & Steel Producers

3. Metals & Mining

4. Coal Operations

5. Oil & Gas – Exploration & Production

6. Oil & Gas – Midstream

7. Oil & Gas – Refining & Marketing

8. Oil & Gas – Services

Range of Extractives & Minerals Processing Risks

1. Community Relations & Rights of Indigenous Peoples

2. Workforce Health, Safety, and Well-Being

3. Labour Relations

4. Water Management

5. Waste Management

6. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

7. Biodiversity Impact

8. Reserves Valuation & Capital Expenditures

9. Supply Chain Management

Construction Materials

The Construction Materials industry produces the materials that construction firms need to work on their projects, companies in this industry also sell to wholesale distributors. The materials that these companies sell are namely cement, glass, insulation, plastic, bricks, and roofing materials. The materials companies run their own quarries and buy materials from the mining industry.

Iron & Steel Producers

The Iron and Steel Producers industry is made up of companies that produce steel with iron and steel mills as well as companies that have iron and steel foundries. The steel production segment of this industry is made of the companies that are able to produce iron and steel from their own mills, some of these products would include: tin plates, pipes, tubes, titanium, and flat-rolled sheets. The iron and steel foundries tend to buy their iron and steel from other firms.

The production of steel takes place in one of two ways either through the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) in which iron is used as an input, or through the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) which uses scrap steal as an input. Companies in this industry tend to operate internationally, and most often they do not mine their own inputs to manufacturing.

Metals & Mining

The Metals and Mining industry consists of companies that extract minerals and metals, refine metals, provide mining support, smelt and manufacture metals, quarry stones, and produce ores. Large companies within this industry integrate all components into their company from mining to wholesaling their products to customers. This industry takes place on a global scale.

Coal Operations

Companies in the Coal Operations industry mine coal and manufacture products out of coal. These companies mine for thermal and metallurgical coal both through underground mining and through surface mining. This industry is facing some changes as governments are attempting to shift away from coal and towards renewable energy.

Oil & Gas - Exploration & Production

The Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry is made of companies that search out, extract, or produce energy in the form of crude oil or natural gas. The companies in this industry develop oil and gas reserves such as shale oil reserves, oil sands, and gas hydrates. Companies keep reserves both on-shore and off-shore and consistently create contracts to continue conducting exploration and production projects. This industry must take into account the environmental and social impact of their work both in local and wider areas.

Oil & Gas - Midstream

The Oil and Gas Midstream industry is made of companies that are in charge of the transportation and storage of natural gas, refined petroleum, and crude oil. The work involved in this industry for natural gas includes gathering, transporting, and processing the natural gas from its source, as well as removing impurities, shipping, and liquefaction for the natural gas.

Oil goes through a similar process where it is transported and refined using a network of pipes as well as cars and trucks. Companies that are in charge of operating bulk stations and installing storage tanks are also members of this industry.

Oil & Gas - Refining & Marketing

The Oil and Gas Refining and Marketing industry refines petroleum products while also marketing oil and gas products. In a more retail sense, this industry also operates gas stations and convenience stores.

The complexity of the refinery process will vary dependent on the crude oil inputs from earlier in the process chain. The varying complexity also has varying impacts on the environment and people in the vicinity.

Oil & Gas - Services

The Oil and Gas Services industry is made of companies that are contracted drillers for the oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry and they also provide support services and manufacturing equipment for the E&P industry. These companies drill both on-shore and off-shore through contracted work. Companies in this industry also do a lot of manufacturing including making jack-up rigs, drill ships, and semisubmercible rigs; this as well as other manufactured equipment is used for the extraction, storage, and transportation of oil and gas.

The support services that companies in this industry supply include: seismic surveying, well cementing, equipment rental, and well monitoring. All service work is contractual and has a big impact in the sustainability performance of the client company. Companies in this industry are competitive based on their rates, safety performance, technology, and reputation.


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