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Aussie Banks sign up to the latest SDG UN-endorsed programme

by | May 20, 2022 | ESG

A series of global banks signed up to the latest United Nations-endorsed financial programme, designed to align the financial services sector with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Combined, the bank signatories represent in excess of $17 trillion in assets. The banks listed include Barclays, Bradesco, ICBC, National Australia Bank (NAB), Nordea and Westpac. The agreement commits signatories to considering the impact their business operations have on society, as well as their shareholders.

In a statement announcing Nordea’s participation in the programme, Casper von Koskull, president and group CEO of Nordea, said the bank wanted to “contribute to the transition to a low carbon economy and society’s goals.”[1]

The UNEP Financial Incentive; Principles for Responsible Banking initiative commits banks to six goals[2]:

1) To align their business strategies so that they contribute to societies’ goals and individual’s needs, as stipulated in the UN SDGs and in the Paris Climate Agreement.

2) To reduce the negative impact that they have people and the environment as a result of the services they provide and increase the positive impact that they make.

3) To work with clients and customers to encourage sustainable practices and economic activities that will benefit current and future generations.

4) To work with other stakeholders to achieve society’s goals.

5) To implement good governance and a culture of responsible banking, demonstrating ambition and accountability by setting public targets relating to the most significant impacts.

6) To periodically review their individual and collective implementation of these principles and be transparent about their behaviour.

The real question now is, how are Aussie banks going to filter the commitment down into corporate and consumer product offerings?



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